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Catterline (B&W version)129 views1 commentsMarc Gordon10/07/19 at 10:29admin: Did you put a texture over this Mark?
132 views1 commentsMarc Gordon09/22/19 at 09:16Marc Gordon: Catterline
315 views1 commentsBob Crocker12/14/17 at 18:36Bob Crocker: Duthie Park shoot 13.12.217 subzero conditions -5 ...
292 views1 commentsBob Crocker12/14/17 at 18:34Bob Crocker: Light Baskets Duthie Park 13.10.217 freezing cold
298 views1 commentsBob Crocker12/14/17 at 18:32Bob Crocker: Wire Wool spinning Duthie Park 13.12.217
294 views1 commentsBob Crocker12/14/17 at 18:31Bob Crocker: Wire wool spinning Duthie Park 13.12.217 Freezing ...
Pinhole Eclipse383 viewsThe 21/8/17 solar eclipse taken at 37,000 ft with a pinhole camera (the lens was a hole in my boarding card, made with a staple from a flight magazine, projected onto my iPad cover and then photographed with an iPhone). Not the most impressive eclipse picture but it presented an interesting challenge!1 commentsSteve Coles09/01/17 at 20:41Mark Woodfin: full marks for inventiveness!
Blue Harbour533 viewsTrying out my dark filter. It makes a great job of the water - in some ways.1 commentsMartin Sim02/28/13 at 13:03admin: Nice Martin, I like that.
Sarah at Edzell2538 views1 commentsMark Woodfin05/26/10 at 22:14admin: This is the best for me Mark of the Edzell ones. I...
Cowie Bridge in Winter691 views1 commentsMartin Sim10/29/09 at 08:05: even nicer with top (buildings) and right (railing...
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