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Aerobatics558 viewsTaken at RAF Leuchars Air Show 2012Neal WestonMar 04, 2013
Harbour at Dusk603 viewsTrying out my dark filterMartin SimFeb 04, 2013
Blue Harbour760 viewsTrying out my dark filter. It makes a great job of the water - in some ways.1 commentsMartin SimFeb 04, 2013
Shards517 viewsDone for the Glass competition. The blue beads were to hide the bluetac I used to stick the glass into. I'd like to try it again with light comming up from underneath but I'd need transparent glue.Martin SimFeb 04, 2013
Coining a Phrase?494 viewsDone for the Close Up competition. Getting the Burns £2.00 coin started the thought.Martin SimFeb 04, 2013
Three Pringles and a Glass of Red656 viewsAn idea for the 'Curves' comp. that came to me over a glass of red! BUT - a whole glass is full of circles - it HAD to be just half a glass. A picture of half a glass is not all that interesting - so that's when the Pringles were added - I almost wished I hadn't bothered - it took so long to get them to stand up! No glue.Martin SimFeb 04, 2013
Threads643 viewsI looked at my first atempt and realised that it needed more curve to the threads. Getting them to stick to the material and not my finger was difficult as was getting the spacing correct all the way round. The threads are the subject but the needle is the essential bit.Martin SimFeb 04, 2013
Blythe485 viewsThis was what I wanted for one of my entries for the 'curves' comp. A baby/child is covered in curves and we happenend to have some available!Martin SimFeb 04, 2013
Blythe 2487 viewsThe second processing of the origional image. A different crop and a lighter background - good in some ways but not quite so suitable for the 'Curves' compMartin SimFeb 04, 2013
797 viewsBrian DoyleDec 03, 2012
Together we can see forever644 viewsThe Compact Array radio telescopes at Narrabri NSW, AustraliaNeal WestonDec 01, 2012
Horsehead and Flame Nebulas682 viewsA combination of about 30 frames taken through Hydrogen and RGB filters. Exposure 15 minutes through 600mm focal length scope.Neal WestonOct 20, 2012
820 viewsBrian DoyleOct 10, 2012
Go Frisbee Go555 views'Cracker' our German Shepherd chases his Frisbee. A lucky shot with the camera in high speed continuous mode.Neal WestonSep 09, 2012
477 viewsMark WoodfinSep 04, 2012
Dandelion505 viewsA focus stack of around 20 framesNeal WestonAug 22, 2012
Ladybird on Gorse flower515 viewsCanon 20D, Canon MPE65mm, ring flashNeal WestonAug 22, 2012
Who are you lookin' at?524 viewsYellow Dung Fly on a Hogweed flower.
Cropped - original magnification x2
Neal WestonJun 30, 2012
Heading for a Storm681 viewsPat CopnerApr 15, 2012
The Last Light before the Storm543 viewsPat CopnerApr 15, 2012
Venus, Moon & Jupiter 574 viewsPat CopnerApr 15, 2012
Wild Weather565 viewsPat CopnerApr 15, 2012
Heads Up520 viewsAt Kelvingrove Art Gallery - and - no, he doen't really have those eyes!Martin SimMar 04, 2012
Sunset Storm649 viewsBehind the MRI/Boathouse are at the harbour.Martin SimMar 04, 2012
Wheel Arc663 viewsAt Grampian Transport Museum Sprint Day - all the cars were polished and looking good.Martin SimMar 04, 2012
Leaf Skeletons478 viewsBought these a while ago - just liked the shapes & colours.Martin SimMar 04, 2012
Three Swans & a Duck502 viewsUnder the main bridge over the Urie at Inverurie.Martin SimMar 04, 2012
516 viewsMark WoodfinMar 04, 2012
506 viewsMark WoodfinMar 04, 2012
534 viewsStonehaven Harbour and bay from the Bervie BraesMark WoodfinMar 04, 2012
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